Project Partners

The CirSchool Project is carried out by five great partner:

  • III Circolo Didattico, Italy

    III Circolo Didattico, Italy

    III Circolo Didattico of Perugia offer knowledge path, where formal education objectives meet elements of interpretation of educational needs of pupils. Those chooses represent a web of integrative propositions of the basic school programme.

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  • SOPHIA R&I, Italy

    SOPHIA R&I, Italy

    SOPHIA Research & Innovation is a not for profit Association which was created in 2009 in Rome to promote the participation of Italian public and private organisations in R&D and Innovation programmes, manly supported by the European Union. In this respect SOPHIA provides consulting and management services to both the public and private sectors, and more importantly it participates in real projects in order to keep the pace with technological and methodological innovation especially, but not exclusively, in the area of Education and Training. All the founding partners are senior professionals with decades of experience in such fields as European Programmes, IT applications, Education and Training, Innovation at large. SOPHIA is involved in a number of financed projects, contributing to the project funded research activities, involved in the development of innovative learning platforms, methodologies, and training approaches or in the project’s quality and evaluation activities.

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  • Albert & Friends Instant Circus, UK

    Albert & Friends Instant Circus, UK

    A comprehensive programme offering a broad range of physical arts activities which aims to build and inspire the achievement of extraordinary skills by developing and fulfilling individual potential. The aim of the programme is to demonstrate the positive effects of learning circus skills upon the individual, building positive self-confidence, self-worth & self-control. Increasing understanding and perception of self.

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  • University of Patras, Greece

    University of Patras, Greece

    The University, funded in 1964, is a two-city campus, situated both in Patras and Agrinion. The campus in Patras is located 12 km East of the city of Patras, in the suburb Rion, covering a vast area of 2.656 acres. The campus is a self-contained campus located at the foot of Mount Panachaico with a view over the Gulf of Corinth and the mountains of Central Greece across the water. The University of Patras is the third largest University in Greece regarding the size of student potential, the Faculty Members, Administrative Personnel, number of departments, and accredited student titles.

    Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education
    The curriculum of the Department reflects the attempt to provide students with: the necessary tools for the acquisition of the scientific identity of the pedagogue specialized in Early Childhood the appropriate qualification for postgraduate studies and research. The Department offers courses necessary for the vocational training of kindergarten school teachers, such as the Theory and Practice of Teaching Science, Mathematics and Language, the Sociology of Childhood, the Sociology of Education, the Instruction of Children with Special Needs. These are supplemented, however, by courses that either provide a theoretical background for the above or aim at forming educated and enlightened teachers (Developmental and Educational Psychology, Structure of Greek Society, Sociolinguistics, Ethical and Political Theories, Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy of Language, etc.). School experiences are provided during the 3rd and 4th year and include a range of serial placements in schools, teaching designs and practice in core areas of the kindergarten curriculum.

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  • European Institute for Development and In-Service Training, Belgium

    European Institute for Development and In-Service Training, Belgium

    EURIDIT is an international non-profit making association, founded in Brussels according to the existing non-profit laws, whose articles is the concert of training, research, consultancy, technical assistance, national and international co-operation as well as the preparation of managing tools, combining both programming and planning, through the interconnection with the EU structures by employing modern analytical instrumentation that gives a detailed reading of the local needs.

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